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Okay, so I'm considering starting an open, multi-fandom (including original), fest catering specifically to characters Over 40 and would appreciate *any* input on this. Please comment, hit me up on twitter or PM or whatever. In theory this would be hosted on DW & LJ utilizing AO3 for the my own ease of organizing.

Some Questions:

Would you participate in an Over 40 fest?

Should it include things other than fic? Like what?

Would you prefer Quarterly larger fests or smaller Monthly ones?

Do you know any places I could *advertise* said fest?

Would you be willing to help out with basic modding-type-stuff?

Anything else?

Has Amber lost her fucking mind?

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I should be writing. The muse is there, the ideas are kicking my ass and I'm staring at Word completely overwhelmed. For the first time in my life it's not the blank page that's killing me - it's doubting my own abilities. I can't stop comparing myself to those around me, and feeling like when it comes to actual quality for my readers it isn't worth the effort I put into it.

Up until recently, I've seen measurable improvement in my skills - every year my work is a little more readable when I go back. And now I can't help but wonder if that shouldn't have been a sign to quit while I'm ahead. I know I'm not terrible by any means, I'm adequate. Average. My skill level is acceptable, sloppy at times, but not horrific - but also not brilliant. I want to be brilliant. I want to do justice to my characters, to my stories, and most of all to people that want to read the sort of stuff I like to write.

The problem is, I feel like I've hit my peak - everything I've written this year has been no better than what I did last year, and in some respects it's getting worse. Where do I go from here? How do I get better? You people know my writing better than anyone, and I hope if you're interested enough to follow what I throw out here you might have some sort of ideas.

What can I do to be better than average? How would YOU like to see me improve?


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