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Birthdate:Jan 13, 1982
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Website:My fic on AO3
I guess I'm abnormal. I identify as pansexual and enjoy talking gender and sexuality theory far too much. I'm a mother of a batshit insane eight year old boy and a five year old terror (who are honestly both completely delightful, honest!). I'm a student at the tender age of thirty-one in the process of working towards a BA Psychology. I like to write slash fanfiction and some other serious stuff too. Feel free to friend me or throw in a comment here or there. I like to know who's watching. Honestly, most of my participation in fandom now is through tumblr or twitter but all my fic will be posted here and crossposted to my LJ. My interests kind of flit all over the place and I'm guilty of fandom hopping like nobody's business... so pretty much assume if it's related to anything you know I like, I'm probably at least marginally interested in it. I squee, I flail. I talk in all caps.

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80's music, abnormality, accents, adult toys, alternative parenting, amusing slash, androgyny, andy berman, angst, awkward smut, awkwardness, bbc sherlock, bbw, bdsm, bears, being a bad example, being lazy, being pervy, big bang theory, bitching, blowing stuff up, body acceptance, books, boys in glasses, bradley cooper, british comedy, british stuff, bromance, bromance into romance, bruce campbell, burn notice, camp, candy, cats, chaos, characters over 40, comedy, communication, confusing people, cuddling, dice, dirty talk, disney movies, diversity, dorks, drag, dykes, eddie izzard, erotica, evil dead, fallout, fan fiction, fanboys, fandom, fandom hopping, fanfic, fanfiction, fangirling, fat acceptance, fetish, fetishes, firefly, flirting, fluff, food, food network, free thought, fregg, funny porn, gaming, gay porn, geek porn, geeks, gender bending, hhgttg, hitchhikers guide, homoerotic subtext, homoeroticism, horror films, invader zim, jaffa cakes, jonathon coulton, kevin smith movies, kink, kitties, league of gentlemen, lord of the rings, love, making wrong things cute, margaret cho, men in eyeliner, men in tights, mighty boosh, mix cds, morally gray, movies, mystery science theater 3000, mythbusters, nerdlife, netflix, nick frost, obscure fandoms, ot3s, pansexuality, penny arcade, people who read, perverting children's shows, play rape, plot bunnies, political satire, polyfidelity, porn, procrastinating, psych, qi, queer cinema, queerness, quotations, quotes, rambling, rare fandoms, rare parings, rareslash, re-animator, reading, real person fic, real person slash, realistic porn, recs, red dwarf, role playing, role playing games, rough sex, rpf, rps, rule 34, sam and max, sam raimi, sex, shiny things, simon pegg, sitcom slash, slash, slash fiction, snuggling, squeeing, stand-up comedy, star trek, stephen fry, sticky socks, subtext, tacos, tea, the 80s, the a-team, tiny fandoms, tomboys, travel channel, twincest, unconventional pairings, useless facts, view askew, weirdness, whose line, world domination, writing
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