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Okay, so I'm nearly finished with the prompts from my "Winter Break" drabble drive... which means I need more!! More prompts! *rolls in the prompts*

What I ask of you: Please drop me some prompts (try to be reasonable, like under 12/person) in *any* fandom I'm familiar with as a comment to this post on DW/LJ OR in my ask box on tumblr. Any pairing, rating or theme with only the exceptions listed below.

What will happen: Slowly, but surely, I will write drabbles or ficlets of some sort for each prompt that I am able to and reply to your comment/ask and then post in a batch list - and eventually upload to AO3.

Important Notes by Fandom: (Subject to change without notice if I forget something or run into something unexpected)

Supernatural: Please bear in mind I'm only up to 5x05. Only really able to do character pieces, Dean/Cas, Sam/Dean or Bobby/John. Maybe Sam/Ruby.

Sherlock: Only Mycroft/Lestrade, Mycroft/Sherlock, John/Sherlock or character pieces. BBC-Sherlock only as I don't feel comfortable with my voices for any other.

A-Team: Please specify Movie/TV or I'll roll with what sounds best.

Psych: No Shawn/Lassiter.

Teen Wolf: No Stiles/Derek.

RPF: Please specify timeline/year

Walking Dead: Open to game or comic and first 2 seasons of the tv canon. No Andrea/Shane or Daryl/Glenn.

Big Bang Theory: No Sheldon/Penny

Fandoms I'm familiar with, but not comfortable writing right now: Dr. Who, Harry Potter, anything book-based, Avengers

So... that's that. Drop as many prompts as you like and I'll get to them as time and muse permits within the next few months. Please, feel free to prompt fandoms I haven't written in (but are familiar with, please) or haven't done in a long time as this is to stretch my wings a little bit and shake my muse up writing new things that may be a little out of my comfort zone.
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It's Winter Break! And I have time and energy to write plus the desire to play in many fandoms. This means... Drabble drive! It's easy!

Step 1: You leave a comment to this entry with a prompt (this can be a word, phrase, tropes, picture, song, anything!) AND a fandom with or without a pairing.

Step 2: I write for you. Typically a drabble. May or may not be wintery fluff (it probably will be).

Step 3: I post it on AO3 & leave a reply with the link to your fic!

Taking prompts in ANY FANDOM I'M FAMILIAR WITH. Yes, even ones I've never written. If you think I can do it, prompt it. Millific too! Prompt as many times as you want, I prefer at least a few to work with, but keep in mind I won't be able to fill every prompt.

So, you know what I like... Prompt me please??
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Since I've been posting and relying on prompts lately, I should note that the community [community profile] fic_promptly on DW & comment_fic on LJ are both *excellent* sources and I highly recommend prompting and filling for everyone. <3


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