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Okay, so I'm considering starting an open, multi-fandom (including original), fest catering specifically to characters Over 40 and would appreciate *any* input on this. Please comment, hit me up on twitter or PM or whatever. In theory this would be hosted on DW & LJ utilizing AO3 for the my own ease of organizing.

Some Questions:

Would you participate in an Over 40 fest?

Should it include things other than fic? Like what?

Would you prefer Quarterly larger fests or smaller Monthly ones?

Do you know any places I could *advertise* said fest?

Would you be willing to help out with basic modding-type-stuff?

Anything else?

Has Amber lost her fucking mind?

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My LJ (as you may have noticed) has gone only to crossposting and posting in communities, I just can't cope with LJ barely working for me when I *do* want to post.

That said, more often than not all I post here is fic. You wanna chat or read my thoughts? I'm *very* active over on twitter: HERE likely going protected again soonish due to asshats - if you friend me and I don't friend back within a day, post a comment or email or something and let me know. :)

My current fandom status is kind of all over the place and dodgy, I've been coping with some depression issues, my kids, my parents (omg dramaz for a 31 year old, I know) and getting ready to graduate with my AA and transfer out to ASU in the Fall so very busy on top of that. I've lost a lot of my headvoices in the last few months but am slowly working on getting them back to continue my RP in Milliways and some fic I've got half-finished. THEY WILL BE BACK. No worries, just not really feeling them right now.

That said, ya'll have probably noticed some new additions to the eclectic collection of my fandoms... don't judge me. :p

I'm so far behind on my AO3, DW & LJ comments it's not even funny... I'll catch up, some day. Suffice to say all of you that have commented are awesome and pretty much the only thing that keeps me writing (that and my besties prodding me with love and holding my hand).

So, yes... adore you all. Thank you so, so very much for reading my stuff and just being awesomely you.
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Since I've been posting and relying on prompts lately, I should note that the community [community profile] fic_promptly on DW & comment_fic on LJ are both *excellent* sources and I highly recommend prompting and filling for everyone. <3
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Why yes, I am avoiding writing...

So, swiping another one of [personal profile] amadi's memes.

Give me a fandom and I'll give you:

My het OTP:
My slash OTP:
My femslash OTP:
My endgame OTP:
My original OTP:
My crack OTP:
My guilty pleasure OTP:
My anti-OTP:

As anyone getting this knows, I flit all over the place with ultimate fandom hopping speed. I'm sure this list'll be missing some horribly obvious fandoms: Psych, Sherlock (BBC), Big Bang Theory, Anything involving Simon Pegg & Nick Frost, The Walking Dead (comics & show), LOTR, LOTR RPF, British Comedian/Actors RPF, Cabin Pressure, Star Trek: TNG, Mighty Boosh (and RPF), Burn Notice, Fallout (any of them), Lost, anything involving Bruce Campbell and/or Ted Raimi... probably many others that are harder to do this with.
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It has been asked that I keep people up to date on what's going on with my fic. :p As though hearing me whine about it on twitter isn't enough. Basic breakdown of what I'm working on:

Psych fic "Growing" (Gus/Shawn/Juliet "Happy-Verse") is finished and being prepped for posting on 2/3 as part of the Poly Fandom Big Bang.

Re-Animator series fic "Reunion" (Herbert/Dan, Dan/OFC) for Small Fandom Bang is done in rough draft form, sent to beta and being put on the backburner until March-ish.

Psych fic "Memories" (Henry/Karen) is about 2/3 done and I'm hoping to finish it up in the next couple days before Porn Battle.

After that, I'm pretty much gonna try to do as many of the insane number of PB fills I want to do and then back to the folder of half finished stuff including Psych RPF (damn you Andy Berman for being adorable), more of my "Happy-Verse", more "Journey-Verse Henry/Carlton, and the usual assortment of random bits and bobs.


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