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In general I'm a pretty easy person to please. So happy to see that we've made a match! Clearly, you have good taste in fandoms. Please note, while the basic stuff will not change this post will likely change approximately 100 times between now and posting. I'm sorry, my brain is just PFFFT.

I like:
Romance - From beginning to end, the start of a new love or the continuation of an established relationship, I am head over heels with people in love. OTP, OT3, Poly - it's all good.

Smut - Porn without plot or within the plot, I love a good explicit story. I'm also on the kinky side with a love for D/s relationships, spanking, big/little, crossdressing, femdom, multiple orgasms... yeah, I'm all over the place. Sex is always welcome in my gifts, but by no means required!

Curtain!fic - The best generic catch-all for stories that have elements of gen, romance, couplehood, and slice-of-life. I'm a big fan of vignette stories as opposed to sweeping epic tales. I don't really NEED a plot to be happy, just my faves being my faves and being awesome. Even if they're picking out curtains. One of my favorite scene situations is having or preparing a meal together!

Chosen family - Team family, chosen family, however you like to slice it I'm fond of found families.

Dark fic - This is a tough one because it comes with qualifiers. I'm okay with character death WHEN IT MAKES SENSE. I also enjoy stories dealing with dark themes when it fits with the fandom.

Ladies & Queer Folks Kicking Ass - What it says on the tin, especially Queer Ladies Kicking Ass.

I dislike:
Crack!Fic - Sometimes it's okay, but on the whole... no. I know I take my fandom too seriously.

AU - Not a big fan, just not my thing really. Alternate timelines, fix-it fic, and insert scenes/episodes are totally fine though!

OCs - Please, just stick canon, okay?

Critical Role (Web Series):

Okay, so if you're not familiar with Critical Role and we matched on something else you might want skip by this as it's a LOT of canon to consume. At current they have 63 episodes that range in length from 3-5 hours. If you happen to have a ton of time on your hands, though, Critical Role is an absolutely addictive Twitch series (archived on Youtube HERE) where Nerdy Ass Voice Actors play Dungeons & Dragons. I can't even begin to explain it, if you're curious do yourself a favor and watch the first episode to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

I absolutely ADORE Critical Role, and if we match on it please know I'd be happy with pretty much anything. I like gen, team stuff, team family, and shippy stuff of any rating. My absolute favorite character is Gilmore.

My ships: Gilmore/Jarett, Gilmore/Vax, Kima/Allura, Gilmore/Vax/Keyleth, Percy/Vax


Critical Role (Web Series) RPF:

My guilty pleasure request and trashlove. Don't judge me. I'm all about the OT3 Taliesin/Matt/Marisha and the their closeness. If you're uncomfortable with shippy stuff or smut (which I totally understand and do not judge you for) some day-in-the-life gen fun stuff would be excellent too!

Galavant (TV):

Galavant is an unfortunately short-lived musical telling the story of dashing hero Galavant and (originally) his quest to save his true love. It goes on amazingly from there. It's funny, insightful, and the songs are super catchy. And right now it's all on Netflix and relatively short!

I adore Galavant and everything about it. I would be happy with anything in this fandom, shippy or gen.

My ships: Sidney/Galavant/Isabella (or pre-canon Sidney/Galavant)


Hot Fuzz (2007):

My old favorite and reliable film. <3 I'm a sucker for Danny & Nick shippy stuff. Gen is also cool.


Black Books:

Primarily interested in sort of “wacky hijinks” to the show norm, though I'm also fond of shippy fics of any combination of the main three.


Yogscast "High Rollers" D&D Campaign:


This is a strange one. Primarily, I'd love some Trelly-belly introspection or character study. Other than that, I'm pretty much down for anything including team family gen.


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