Oct. 23rd, 2014

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First off, you are awesome and you had better know it. If you're writing treats you are awesome and extra generous. If you're just reading this because you dig one or more of these fandoms, you are also awesome. Much love to all Yuletiders. This has been a rough year for me and I know I've more or less dropped off the face of fandom for a variety of reasons. I need some fictional healing that YT has always given me. <3

Likes: Fluff, smut, cuddling, bromance into romance, rainy days, big guns, explosions, BAMFs that secretly cuddle, OTPs, OT3s, women that kick large portions of ass, kink (bdsm, fandom, rough sex, topping from the bottom and bottoming from the top), strange situations and unexpected circumstances, found family, odd couples, characters over 40, "the softer side"

Dislikes: AUs (Canon divergence is fine and frequently necessary, but totally different universes are not my thing... except maybe Post-Apocalypse), Crossovers (Unless it's a shared universe in different mediums such as The Walking Dead Comics/Game), character bashing (doesn't everyone hate that?), poor characterization (I'd rather you wrote characters or ships I didn't request than go ooc with characters you aren't comfy with), hard kink, original characters

Okay, now the specifics. I don't tend to like outright prompts as I feel it goes against the "optional parts are optional" and no matter what ships I dig Gen is ALWAYS an option! Don't feel like you have to go shipping just because I do.

The A-Team:
Bless, bless the soul who nominated this! This nearly bizarrely awesome movie has a solid place in my heart. Feel free to get as ridiculous with this as you like - a "modern" version of one of the show's episodes would possibly kill me in a good way. I ship Face/Murdock like a burning but am not opposed to any pairing or grouping of the boys. My NoTP is Face/Sosa BUT I have no problems with something from their past. Guns. Explosions. A side of making out and Murdock being Murdock would be love.

Big Eden:
It just wouldn't be Yuletide for me without another beautiful entry in this small fandom, and I would be honored to receive it. I love everything about this movie, but particularly the way Henry and Pike are so loved and protected by the town. This is one where I crave the softness, simplicity, and soul. Smut would be delicious but I doubt kink would work. I'd be just as happy to peek through the curtain while Pike makes dinner and Henry washes his paint-stained mugs.

Burn Notice:
I had no idea they still qualified but I'm so glad they did! This is a fun fandom to play in and I love it all. Gimme your casefic, your family drama, your kink (and if you can fit it all in a guns and explosions filled fic I'll flip!) and anything else that floats your boat. Prefer not Mike/Fi (unless it's kinky or has other elements) but open to it. Favored ships are Mike/Sam, Mike/Sam/Fi/Jesse, Sam/Madeline, or if you dare the wrongness Mike/Nate.

Hot Fuzz:
Another fandom I can't imagine Yuletide without. This is my happy fun fluff place. Gen or Nicholas/Danny please. Pretty please. With puppy eyes. I encourage fluff, cuddlesmut, and crackfic.

In The Flesh:
My requisite "new to me" fandom. I watched both series recently and just can't get it out of my mind. Shipping leans toward Ren/Simon but I'm really open to anything and would love a character piece for any of the characters.

The Walking Dead (Video Game):
It was so SO hard to pick between the comics and the game as I love both so much. This is the only fandom where I'd be totally cool with a crossover (as long as it sticks to timeline). Also including the 400 Days characters is awesome (Big fan and shipper of Wyatt and Eddie) and something with Christa and Omid and Clem between season 1 and 2 would make me cry the biggest buckets of fangirl tears (which is a gold star in TWD fandom imo). More of Walter and Matthew would have a similarly excellent effect. Prefer not to focus on the Season 2 group (or Kenny) but if you can make it not feel the same as every other season 2 fic I'm up for it. Just. Yeah. Walkers. Damn.

So... yeah. Fandom. Fun! Thank you for being awesome.


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