Aug. 29th, 2017

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So, in the last few years my presence has sort of scattered to the winds, now I'm here to point anyone who cares to look in all the directions to find me and my writing. :)

Social Media:
Twitter - @afullmargin
(mostly unused) Facebook - C.A. Blocke 
(Queue posts only) NSFW Reblog Tumblr - Marginally Pornographic

Stuff I've Written:
Fanfic - anemptymargin @AO3

Canyon Creek Love Story @Less Than Three Press
Fifteen years ago Robert left Canyon Creek behind, and has made a life as a junior detective in Brooklyn. When he returns home to attend his mother's funeral, however, circumstances make it difficult to leave again.

Stuck in the place he once tried to leave behind, helping his pregnant little sister, Robert meets Charlie, the sheriff's son now turned sheriff. He's kind and sweet, but also divorced with a young daughter to raise. But the more time passes, the more Robert wonders where he's really meant to be, and if that place just might be the home he once left behind.

Sound Proof @Less Than Three Press
When Chris is unceremoniously dumped by his longtime girlfriend, his best friend Thomas picks up the pieces and reminds him there's more to life than his lost relationship. In the process of letting go of a relationship that wasn't what he thought, Chris slowly comes to realize that everything he's ever wanted may have been right beneath his nose the whole time...

Beneath the Layers Anthology @Ninestar Press
A Secret Shared by C.A. Blocke
One sweet secret shared—and a spicy one returned.

Current Projects:
Editing a new M/M sci-fi erotic romance novel, SIO. Tentatively due to be submitting for publication in September.

Setting up an erotic short story Patreon! Stay tuned!


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