Oct. 16th, 2016

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Title: The Start of Something Big
Author: afullmargin
Fandom: Critical Role RPF
Pairing(s): Taliesin/Matt/Marisha
Rating: Explicit
Summary:  How it all started, from Taliesin’s point of view.
Notes: Okay, YES, this is explicit RPF for people that by now probably know there’s explicit RPF being written about them. I will go straight to my shame fort after posting this. Please DO NOT share this with anyone who isn’t into this sort of thing, and for the love of Pelor’s light don’t share with the actors - they have enough bullshit to worry about without thinking about my perversions. Written in response to a prompt on the kink meme.
Prompt: what was their first time like? how did it happen? was it at Burning Man because what happens in the desert stays in the desert? how did they react afterwards? when did it happen again?
Warnings: Mild D/s elements, awkward conversation, first time
Word Count: 11,665
Disclaimer: This is a work of fictional parody in no way intended to infringe upon the rights of any individual or corporate entity. Any and all characters or celebrity personae belong to their rightful owners. Absolutely no money has or will be gained from this work. Please do not publicly repost or redistribute without letting me know first. Transformative or derivative works welcome, but drop me a note about it!

The Start of Something Big

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