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Title: The Start of Something Big
Author: afullmargin
Fandom: Critical Role RPF
Pairing(s): Taliesin/Matt/Marisha
Rating: Explicit
Summary:  How it all started, from Taliesin’s point of view.
Notes: Okay, YES, this is explicit RPF for people that by now probably know there’s explicit RPF being written about them. I will go straight to my shame fort after posting this. Please DO NOT share this with anyone who isn’t into this sort of thing, and for the love of Pelor’s light don’t share with the actors - they have enough bullshit to worry about without thinking about my perversions. Written in response to a prompt on the kink meme.
Prompt: what was their first time like? how did it happen? was it at Burning Man because what happens in the desert stays in the desert? how did they react afterwards? when did it happen again?
Warnings: Mild D/s elements, awkward conversation, first time
Word Count: 11,665
Disclaimer: This is a work of fictional parody in no way intended to infringe upon the rights of any individual or corporate entity. Any and all characters or celebrity personae belong to their rightful owners. Absolutely no money has or will be gained from this work. Please do not publicly repost or redistribute without letting me know first. Transformative or derivative works welcome, but drop me a note about it!

The Start of Something Big

Something’s wrong, Taliesin thinks as he approaches them. It’s a nice little local coffee shop - one of his favorites when he’s in the area even - and they’re seated outside at an artificially ornate metal table. They seem lost in their own bubble. Marisha is tilted toward the side looking Matt in the eyes, with a paper cup in one hand and the other crossed almost defensively over her stomach. Matt is leaned inward, facing her with his elbow on one knee and palm cupping his chin - long hair obscures his eyes, but Taliesin knows his body language well enough. Matt’s deferring to her, she’s worried or upset and he’s trying to fix it.

Matt likes to fix things. “I’m sure if you’re sure.” He says and Marisha sets her jaw and shakes her head.

“Don’t do that. You know I hate it when you do that. Don’t say you’re sure just because you want to do what you think I want you to do.” She answers in a hushed tone that makes Taliesin want to go invisible and listen to the whole conversation.

“I’m not. I want to do this, I just don’t want to do if it makes you uncomfortable. We don’t have to do this.”

“No, I want to. I think it’s a good thing… I mean, maybe kind of weird, but like in a good way?”

Taliesin’s shin grazes a chair, the sound of metal scraping on concrete drawing their attention from several feet away. When they look up to him in tandem, he offers a sheepish smile and waves. “Clumsy, wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Matt smiles reflexively, the stretching of his lips lightening the brief flash of what could have been concern or frustration. Marisha’s smile is more subtle, one eyebrow cocked as she watches him awkwardly make his way to the table and take a third seat across from both of them.

“Sorry I’m late… traffic.”

“It’s fine.” Marisha answers, reaching across the table to gently caress the back of his hand before shifting her attention back to Matt. “I think you should get him a coffee. Or tea? Do you want tea, Tal?”

“Chai would be lovely, actually.”

Matt nods, already on his feet when Taliesin fumbles for his wallet only to have it waved away. Accepting the gesture, Taliesin nods and lets a quiet fall across the table.

Just as Taliesin catches himself withdrawing his phone from his pocket, Marisha says; “So, traffic was pretty bad?”

He chuckles and offers a one shoulder shrug. “Shall we cut the bullshit? What’s bothering you, darling?”

A slight flush colors Marisha’s cheeks and she laughs it off, letting the sound trickle to a nervous breath. “It’s… it’s stupid.” She shakes her head, and then takes a long draw off her coffee that finishes in a deep sigh.

“If it’s bothering you, it isn’t stupid.” Taliesin scoots closer, once more dragging metal across concrete this time breaking tension rather than building it. “What’d he do?”

“Matt? Nothing. Fuck.” She laughs again, genuine this time - amused and smiling. “No. Just… no. It’s fine. It’s good. We’re just talking about some stuff and it’s kind of weird and he’s doing that frustrating thing where I’m not sure if he really wants to do a thing or he thinks I want him to do the thing and ugh.”

“Do you want him to do the thing?”

She shrugs, but it’s insincere. “I don’t know. I mean, if it works out things won’t really be the same. And if it doesn’t it’ll be weird and… yeah.”

“Please tell me we’re not talking about a cock piercing.” Taliesin’s cheeks flush at the thought and he fails to stifle his chuckle.

Marisha gasps, staring at him a moment before slugging him in the shoulder. “Noooo… god no.” She glances over her shoulder, apparently looking for Matt who’s visibly standing in line behind the thick plate glass window. “I had an idea and then Matt was kind of into the idea and then we elaborated on the idea and now I think we’re both kind of getting cold feet about it.”

Taliesin’s still for a moment, watching her face until she turns away from him and taps her thumb ring against the table. She’s nervous, clearly, and worried. He clasps his hand over hers and asks; “If there’s a ring involved, you know where I stand on the matter.”

She snaps back to him with a confused, but not angry look. “No, no. We’re not really even talking about that. Nothing like that.”

“Oh, well…” He shrugs; “Given the amount of subtly dodging the topic you’re doing, I assume this is a sex thing?”

She swallows, and then nods. “Yeah. Kind of a weird sex thing.”

“Oh?” Taliesin’s voice pitches upward, his smile curving to follow. “Well, you know my stance on weird sex things too…”

“I know, I know.” She giggles, giving up on actually making eye contact as she turns to watch the window. Matt’s next in line. “That’s sort of a small part of the reason you’re here.”

His fingers tighten over hers, squeezing her hand until she looks back to him. “Why don’t we just say what you’re thinking, get it out in the open so we can both have a good awkward laugh about it?”

“I should wait for Matt. This is kind of his thing. I mean, both of our thing… I mean… I don’t know.”

“Did he ask you to dominate him?” Taliesin pitches the first thing that pops into his head, it would make sense… he’d gotten submissive vibes practically radiating off of Matthew as long as he’d known him. And Marisha… well, she could probably go either way.

She gasps, staring at him wide-eyed, cheeks flushed dark red. “Taliesin!”

“What? Come on, you can’t tell me with a straight face you’d be surprised. He already worships you.” They both know it’s true, their friends know it… strangers know it. Hell, animals know it.

“It’s not like that,” she says into her latte. After a beat, her smile softens and she adds; “Well, not always.”

“I knew it. It’s the hair pulling, isn’t it? I could see that…”

She giggles again, and then pulls one foot up defensively onto her chair, hugging her knee against her chest. “Yeah?”

“Definitely. Bent over, your fist in his hair while he kisses your feet.” Taliesin’s cheeks are warm and pink, but he doesn’t bother hiding it. “I should have asked for something iced…”

Her grin barely hides behind the lip of her cup, only her laugh betraying that she’s not actually taken a drink yet. “You’re kinda into that, aren’t you?”

He shrugs. “I’ve not really made a secret of being a bit kinky. Keeps things interesting.”

“And you’ve got the whole open relationship thing.” She adds.

“It is what it is.” He runs his thumb over the back of her hand and the realization hits him quite suddenly; “You’re talking about seeing other people, aren’t you?”

“Not people.” She answers, quick to add; “A person. One person. For just maybe bedroom stuff and I don’t know… see where it goes.”

He doesn’t answer for a moment, letting it process. It’s not really that big of a thing, threesomes are thing that sometimes happen and occasionally work out for the better. “And you’re not sure if you’d be okay seeing Matt with another woman?”

Her eyes lower and she leans to set the cup down before resting her chin on her knee to look up at him. “Not a woman.”

“Oh.” The thought takes a second to click, and then another to tip over completely. “Oh! Oh. Wow. So…”

“Yeah. Me and Matt and a dude.” She chuckles awkwardly, searching his eyes and mirroring his surprised smile.

He’d been aware there was some curiosity, of course, they’d talked about it even before Marisha was in the picture. Matthew had never acted on it to his knowledge, and had certainly never really shown any interest in acting on it. “‘I’m jealous.” He laughs, feeling Matt’s presence behind him before a paper cup is put down beside him. “I mean, that’s one lucky bastard being caught between you.”

“I’m gonna-” Matt starts, cut off when Marisha looks up at him intently.

“Sit.” She says, tapping the table before relaxing her foot back down on the ground and leaning forward against the table. “You’re not getting out of this.”

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Taliesin sighs; “Honestly. You think you’re the first couple to indulge in a little exploratory bisexuality?”

Matt obeys, drawing a small chuckle out of Taliesin - who has to bite his tongue not to point it out. “So, you two… uh… you started without me.”

“He started it.” Marisha answers; “It was better than acting like I was talking about a dick piercing.”

Matt’s eyes open wide, one eyebrow arches followed by its mate, and then he shakes his head. “I don’t know about exploratory so much as… just… a thing.”

“You are adorable when you’re embarrassed.” Taliesin laughs, picking up his cup and scalding his mouth with hot chai before changing topic ever so slightly. “I don’t understand why you think you need my advice. I mean… go for it. Why not? Worst case scenario it doesn’t work out. You have my blessing as the sovereign lord of confirmed bisexuality at this table.”

When Matt laughs, he curls on himself - holding his belly as though it might contain him from the flush in his cheeks as he shakes with the weight of it.

“I wasn’t looking for your blessing.” Marisha sighs, rolling her eyes at Matt. “Why don’t you tell him, baby. This was your thing…”

“It was your thing first.” Matt murmurs, straightening up in his seat as he manages to compose himself. “I just told you I thought it was a pretty… sexy… idea.”

“And then you said… tell him what you said.” Marisha waves her hand toward Taliesin and again, realization washes over him. He doesn’t let it come right away, partially certain his assumption must be wrong… and partially not entirely sure how the idea makes him feel. Of course, partially also enjoying watching Matt avoid directly addressing the elephant on the patio.

Forcing a straight face, Matt’s eyes lower to the table and he shifts awkwardly in his chair. After a long moment, he says firmly; “What I said was that there is someone we know that we would both feel comfortable exploring this option with.”

She rolls her eyes again. “No. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but what I heard was ‘I totally want to bang Taliesin.’ In those words. Pretty much exactly.”

“Oh my…” Taliesin murmurs under his breath, immediately cut off by the continued rolling conversation.

“I didn’t say bang. I never say bang. It sounds stupid.”

“Okay, fine… it’s just a lot less awkward than talking about how you were doing that thing with your hands down there while telling me in graphic detail about sucking his dick in a hotel room.”

All color drains from Matt’s cheeks, quickly replaced with a dark red blush. He stammers, then drops his head lower before whimpering; “You really didn’t have to say that in public.”

“I beg to differ.” Taliesin interjects; “That is a far more interesting discussion.” He’s aware that he’s blushing - not quite as much at Matthew, but enough that it’s fair to say they’re all feeling rather awkward. Still, it confirms his somewhat delayed assumption.

“It was just a little fantasy.” Matt says in a soft, quickened tone. “Sometimes I go a little bit overboard when I’m really getting into a story.”

“Or maybe when you talked about how some of the fans have made comments about me and Taliesin and we both got really into the idea?”

“That’s more like how I thought we’d be introducing this concept, yes.”

“Well… I mean… it’s not like he didn’t know you two kind of have a thing. And then there was that one time in… fuck, Salt Lake City? The anime con and we had that hot tub in our room and you guys got a little… you know.”

It wasn’t Salt Lake City. Taliesin’s not exactly sure which con it was now, it was years ago and that particular night involved a considerable amount of whiskey. All he really remembers is there was some kissing and laughing and she was in the hot tub with them so it wasn’t exactly like it was even borderline cheating. “I hate to burst either of your precious little bubbles, but sometimes I kiss people in hot tubs. There was whiskey involved, I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it intentionally thinking years later we’d be sitting in a coffee shop discussing the viability of a threesome.”

Matt sighs, visibly collecting himself before lifting his head to at least look in Taliesin’s direction. “What I think she means is that we’re comfortable together. And yeah, we were pretty fucked up… but I’d be okay making out with you right now. I mean, not now, but you know what I mean. Sober.”

“I’m not threatening.” Taliesin answers; “We’re close friends and affection is… easy.”

“Right.” Marisha nods. “Like how you me are, and you know that we trust you. And even if it’s too weird and it doesn’t work we’ll just have another story to laugh about.”

He takes a moment, allowing himself to consider it beyond his body’s initial response of ohgodfuckyes. Of course there’s a level of attraction, a large level of comfort… but there’s also that fuzzy line between friends and yeah, I’d hit that. “I won’t say I’ve never thought about it.” He admits; “I mean… either of you. Both of you. But… sex is weird.”

“You don’t have to say ‘yes’,” Matt says. “It was just an idea and if you’re not into it, that’s fine.”

“Totally fine.” Marisha adds; “ Like we won’t ever mention it again if you’re not interested. You were just the first person we both thought of.”

Taliesin’s attention turns to Matt first, for a moment simply watching his body language; the way he ducks his head and sips off the edge of his cup, the nervous dart of his eyes between Marisha and the sidewalk behind Taliesin and then the table. Eventually, he manages eye contact and Taliesin asks; “Have you considered the fact that jealousy will probably be part of the equation?”

Matt nods slowly. “I think as long as we keep it out in the open and talk about it we’re fine. I mean, we’re all pretty level-headed.”

His gaze shifts to Marisha, the words already at the tip of his tongue despite his reluctance to broach the topic. After a moment, he asks; “And you’d be fine with knowing that I bring something to equation that you can’t offer him?” It’s a problem that’s come up before, the intense combination of jealousy and latent unexpected homophobia rearing it’s ugly head.

She seems to think it over and then shrugs. “If this was just about dick I’ve got plenty of toys I can use.”

“Have used.” Matt adds, only exacerbating the awkwardness.

Marisha continues; “We’ve talked about it, and you know… I’m cool with it. I mean, I won’t know until we get there, right?”

Taliesin nods. “Well, that’s good to know.” It’s a big thing, he knows it even if his acceptance is basically a no-brainer. It’s not a question of their friendship being strong enough to handle it if it’s just not right. That’s a non-issue. But… if any of them acts like an asshole about it, anything is possible.

After another drawn moment, Taliesin lost in his thoughts, Matt says; “We even talked about maybe trying one-on-one before it’s all of us.”

“Maybe we could be more compatible separately,” Marisha adds.

“It might make things easier.” Taliesin draws a deep breath, leaning back in his chair to survey both of them. “At least reduce the number of painfully awkward participants.”

Matt smiles softer this time, a small chuckle rattling in his throat. “Well, this has been a pretty painfully awkward conversation.”

“It’s not every day I get chai and a proposition.” Taliesin shrugs.

“Don’t answer now. Just… think about it.” Marisha offers a smile, checking the time on her phone. “We’ve got an appointment, doing a thing for a channel.”

“No, no…” Taliesin shakes his head, his own laugh more hollow than intended. “It’s fine. I’ll think about it.”

Marisha pushes up first, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek. When Matt approaches, for a brief moment he can’t help but wonder if he’ll get the same affection. Instead, it’s a gentle pat on the shoulder that no less relays the feeling.

It’s certainly an interesting proposition.


It’s Marisha he comes to first, less than a week after their awkward coffee date. All told, he knows he hasn’t thought it about it nearly as much as he should - in some ways it still feels sort of like an elaborate prank. Still, he can see the question neither of them presses every time she leans into him and affectionately holds his hand, when he holds her - clearly a friendly gesture, always - it’s lingering.

They’re streaming when he tells her, a lull in the game’s narrative with conversation neither of them is part of. He scribbles on the corner of his notes

Yes. You first.

When he leans into her again and whispers in her ear to check his notes, her skin warms against his mouth as she blushes and turns to him - amusement written across her face. They don’t talk about it.

Saturday, after they’ve all recovered as much as they really ever do, he receives a text from her. Over the better part of an hour, shooting messages back and forth in between takes as he tries not to be a distracted director, they arrange to meet late that night - after dinner, Matt’s out of state for the weekend.

She meets him at the door, he’s not really sure what to expect - should he have dressed up? Should he have brought cake? There’s no hard and fast rule for casual sex with your best friend’s girl who happens to be another of your best friends. He’d gone home and showered, even taken a power nap before driving over - just in case - and her hair’s wet, smelling of strawberries.

Taliesin lets her take the lead, not that there was any question who would. She locks the front door and embraces him. His hand finds the comfortable slope of her back when she kisses him and it’s clear when her tongue sweeps across his bottom lip that the intent is still solid. She takes the hand that always feels lost - currently trying to find a place that doesn’t feel awkward - and guides it to her ass, pressing it against loose fitting pajama pants. For a moment he hesitates, and then his fingers move of their own volition, clutching her and finding the softness in her thin frame.

Marisha breaks the kiss; “You okay?”

He nods, and then lets his head drop down to her shoulder, wrapping himself around her. “I don’t want to lose you. Either of you.” His voice softens with each word, he can feel her fingertips dragging down from the collar of his t-shirt, deliberate and slow.

She stops at his belt, drawing her thumb over the thick line across his back. “You won’t. Should we stop?”

He shakes his head into her neck, and then finds himself brushing a kiss that continues down to her collarbone, seeking her out… allowing himself to want her. And he does want. He wants when her hands slide along the band of his jeans, when she opens his belt and tugs at the button beneath.

A world away, he can hear Dagon chittering on her perch, the tinkle of tiny bells. Marisha turns her head and whispers against his ear; “Bedroom?” He knows that she’s asking permission, if he’s ready - she’s ready. He doesn’t answer with words, his mouth finds hers again and kisses her as they move toward the open door, she walks backward to his guidance, barely shifting to move when he finally guides her down onto the bed. “Light?” She asks when he breaks away to strip off his shirt, allowing her the freedom to pull herself up on mussed covers.

“Please no.” He answers with a small, awkward laugh. “Nobody should have to see me topless the first time.”

She growls and fumbles for the light’s controls anyway, a soft purple glow barely lighting the shadows that play across the bed. “I want to.”

He doesn’t answer, there’s never an answer when someone says something like that in a voice that sounds genuine. Instead, he pushes his shoes off and manages his way out of tight jeans before sliding onto the mattress beside her. She reaches out to him, guiding him onto his side so she can better trace the rises of flesh down his chest; nails gently raking over a nipple, down his sternum, circling his bellybutton before teasing the elastic of his shorts.

“You can touch me,” she says; “if you want to.”

It takes a moment to realize that he isn’t, that one hand is uncomfortably pinned underneath him and the other has her shoulder in a death grip as though she might escape. “Right,” he breathes, chuckling under his breath. The knot of anticipation in his gut only tightens when he does touch her, one hand slipping under pillows to draw her close to him as the other pushes up the back of her ratty sleep shirt, caressing her back.

Marisha kisses him again, letting a small pleasured sigh slip when he deepens it. When she pulls away, it’s to roll onto her back, struggling out of the shirt. Dim moonlight and purple LED shows even deeper shadows across her pale skin when she leans back down into the pillows on her back. He’s seen her breasts before, they’re just breasts and Marisha’s hardly shy, but in this moment he could be every shade of a teenaged self down to the laugh that slips out.

“What?” She grins coyly up at him.”Go ahead, they don’t bite.”

“That’d be some macabre horror-” he starts, the words lost when she takes his hand and draws his fingers across her chest. Her nipples are firm when his hands come to rest and he pinches one gently between thumb and forefinger, shifting close to her when she groans encouragingly. “We’re doing this.”

“We’re doing this,” she confirms, her smile stretching when he curls into her, shifting down to close his lips over the other pert rise of flesh, glancing up at her to confirm that things are still okay.

She moves gently against him, barely lifting her hips and then her chest with each eager flick of his tongue as he tastes her skin. His teeth graze against the hardness, and then answer her moan with a harder nip that draws her tone to a gasp. “Too much?”

“No!” She shouts, both hands pushing at the back of his head until he’s once more lavishing her with affection.

It’s not until his tongue drags along the shallow valley between her breasts that he realizes the state he’s in. Her thigh digs into his arousal with each lift of her hips - the delicious pressure mounting. “You’re certainly doing things to me.” He groans before lapping hard over the nub of her nipple and then drawing it up between his lips and letting it out with a loud, wet pop.

“I think the first of many things,” she answers. “You should feel what you’re doing to me.”

Taking the hint, Taliesin slides his free hand over her belly, dips inside the loose waistband of her pajamas, and clasps over her mound. He can feel her heat, the dampness of her arousal obvious even through the cotton panties under his fingers. She answers with a soft moan, lifting her hips again to drive his fingers against her. “Christ…” he sighs, and then grasps the cotton between his fingers, tugging the panel aside to feel her fully. She’s hot and wet, arching against his body as his middle finger slides down her slit, splitting her down to her opening.

“Please…” her voice is a bare, needy whisper and he obliges, pushing his thick finger into her heat.

His cock throbs in response, the promise of their mutual desire. “Oh my…” he murmurs against her skin, his thumb finding the swollen rise of her clit and stroking gently over it, pushing a little harder when she cries out for more.

“More…” she whimpers, her thighs squeezing together when he begins to thrust his middle finger slowly into her. “Please fuck… more.”

“Please fuck?” He answers coyly, raking his teeth against the top of her ribs as his index finger slides easily into her slickness beside the middle mid-stroke. He curves his fingers, seeking out her pleasure, and is rewarded by her nails digging into his scalp and thready whines from her throat.

She pushes him subtly downward and he listens, pressing kisses down her belly before withdrawing his hand to strip off her pants. “I want you over me,” he murmurs, looking back up to her plaintively. He doesn’t have it in him to admit that as much as he’d enjoy being bent between her thighs, perilously balanced on the foot of the bed, his back doesn’t much enjoy the thought. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to. She tugs at his hair, drawing him up. Marisha kisses him and braces her hand on his shoulder, rolling him onto his back.

“Better?” She grins, crawling onto him - legs fully spread astride his wide chest.

“Mouth up here,” He points toward his face, well aware of the fact that she’s rolling her eyes in the dim light. When she cups his cheek with her palm, he’s ready for her to smack him - instead she leans to brush a kiss on his forehead before bracing both hands against the headboard and shifting into place.

For a moment, all he can know is her; her wetness, her taste, the delicate naked lips against his tongue as he tastes her in long, broad sweeps. She cries out louder, a shudder closing her knees against his ears and shutting out the world save for her. One hand clutches at her hip, gripping her tightly as his fingers tease over her opening until she pushes down onto them, her light frame pressing down against his face pleasantly.

He turns his head only briefly, drawing ragged breaths in time with hers. He can smell her sweetness mingling with Matthew’s familiar scent on the pillow and his mind flits over that thought. Matt, watching them - would he enjoy the sight? Would he see the comical arousal butting against his shorts as he enjoys Marisha’s pussy? No, he thinks, Matt would be part of it.

That thought ends in a moan as he turns back into her flesh, thrusting harder with his fingers as his mouth seeks out her clit, sucking the wet lips with loud, eager slurps. When she comes, her back stiffens and her knees are almost painful pressed against his head as wetness dribbles down his chin toward the fold against his neck. He drinks deep, lapping each drop of nectar before leaning back into the pillow and sucking his slick fingers. “More?”

Marisha shakes her head and slides back, resting some of her weight against his chest as she looks down at him. “You look drunk.” She giggles; “All red-faced… a little wet.”

“I am,” he answers honestly, his grin only spreading wider. “I’m so fucking drunk right now.”

She licks her lips, examining his face closely as she traces lazy circles across the coarse hair on his chest. “How should we… you know…”



A sound midway between a whimper and a sigh escapes his chest before he can consider stopping it. “Erm… I’m not sure. I’ve got protection?”

She chuckles, lowering her head for a moment, mussed hair spilling over her shoulders before she pushes it back with a sweep of one hand. “I’m good. But I was thinking…”

“Anything,” he gasps, his hips lifting as she moves again, crawling backward until her heat rubs against the bulge at the front of his shorts. “Oh god… more of that’d do.”

Her laugh barely registers this time, overshadowed by the fact that she doesn’t stop. She tugs down his shorts and long, slim fingers wrap around the hardness that pushes easily forth. “You’re so hard…” she murmurs, stroking him slowly base to tip, drawing back the skin without hesitation. “Thick.”

“In general,” he quips; “what I lack in length I make up for in girth.” The last words taper off to a high pitched sigh she leans over him, her tongue lapping over the head of his cock. When her lips close around the tip he whimpers audibly. “Oh god… that’s… that’s nice.”

She takes him deeper, exploring him with her tongue as her fingers caress the soft curve of his thigh, nails raking over his skin before finding their way to his balls. It’s unfair… it’s overwhelming and so easy for her to unravel him with each sure touch. “Mar-” His voice is shuttered by a rumble of a moan in her throat, along his length and to his very core. He reaches for her, stroking back her hair from her temple, pushing up on his elbows to see her eyes closed, just as lovely as always.

“P-please…” the word comes out a bare whisper, a sentence that even in his mind has no end. Marisha completes it, lifting up with a knowing smile.

Licking her lips, her thumb wipes at the corner of her mouth and she smiles broadly. “So close already?”

“You’re wild, marvellous, beautiful,” his voice shakes as she climbs over him, locking her knees astride his hips; “and fucking me.”

“Mmmhmm.” She chuckles, leaning into him and letting her weight settle across his torso. Her fingers wrap around his cock again, dragging the tip along her slick slit until the room spins in delirious circles.

His hips lift off the mattress, thrusting into her with a hard smack of skin against skin that draws a sharp pleasured cry out of her. Wrapping his arms around her, he draws her against his chest as he pushes slowly and steadily into the new heat of her arousal. It feels almost perfect - like they have been so close all along.

Marisha’s nails dig into his shoulders, her hair in his eyes, in his mouth as she grinds into each hard thrust. “Yes…” she pants hard, voice rising in a thready whine; “oh fuck yes…”

Words are lost on him in favor of the wash of desire and lust, the tug of need as he unwinds to her pleasure. She shudders again, her thin body rigid and trembling as he thrusts harder still. The wash of wetness dripping down his balls ushering him to the precipice. He exhales a breath he hadn’t known he was holding, a low moan clasping the room. Withdrawing from her, forcing himself not to give one last push, he clings to her with a sweaty, shaking arm. Weakly, gasping, he strokes himself to completion against her thigh - feeling her lips on his shoulder, her tender cries stifled into his flesh.

There’s a beat, a heavy moment of panting breaths and groans petering off to a sensation of relief and calm. Taliesin chuckles, and kisses her sweaty brow. “Well, that happened.”

Marisha nods into him, then shifts her weight to roll onto her side as she curls around his side, one arm resting across his chest. She doesn’t laugh, but he can hear the inclination in her voice. “Yeah. That was a thing.”

For a moment, the horrible thought occurs to him that it was weird for her - that they’d made a mistake regardless of the fact that he didn’t feel strange at all. Then Marisha says; “Is it weird that I’m not freaking out now?”

“Oh good.” He sighs, laughing again as the relief couples with lingering bliss. “I was afraid I’d read the situation wrong.”

She kisses his shoulder and asks; “Will you stay tonight?”

“Should we? I mean… I don’t want to-”

“I’ll Facetime him.”

He nods and turns toward her, his lips once more finding her brow and then her cheek, and then her lips. “Shower first. I think we could both use a shower.”


He’s not entirely sure what to expect from Matt. They’ve talked, individually, about the situation and the status - it’s awkward, but he can feel the shift from Marisha intently every time they speak. It takes a couple weeks to find time - hammering out over text messages and voicemail where and when and yesthisisfine.

Still, Taliesin is more than a little amused to find himself at a moderately priced restaurant seated across from Matt. They’ve eaten together more times than he could actually enumerate, but still Matt shifts nervously and fiddles with the buttons on his shirt in between glancing at the menu and his phone. “You’re nervous,” Taliesin says.

Matt’s eyes lift briefly, catching his before lowering back to the glossy faux-parchment clasped in both hands. “I haven’t been on a proper date in a long time.”

“Proper.” Taliesin snorts and shakes his head. “We could always follow the lady’s lead and skip straight to the sex.”

He blushes, but maintains his composure well enough. “Straight.” He manages a chuckle, drawing a true laugh out of Taliesin.

“Is that what you’re worried about?” Taliesin asks, sipping his water before subtly waving off an annoyed waiter. “Internalized homophobia’s a bitch.”

“No. Not that. Just…” Matt sighs, finally setting down the menu. “This is kind of weird, isn’t it? Like we’ve had a hundred dinners out together, we’ve literally been dating forever.”

“But not.”

“Yeah. But not.” Matt echoes his words with a frustrated sigh.

“You could have told me, you know.” Taliesin’s voice drops to a low murmur, he hopes hinting at his curiosity and not at all intending to dig the knife deeper. “Have I really been an option?”

“It’s complicated.” Matt shrugs, eyes shifting away from him to look out at the restaurant. “There was kind of a thing before Marisha but you were with someone and it just wasn’t right…”

“And then Marisha,” he nods. Mirroring his nod, Matt perks up when the waiter arrives - allowing time for ordering. Taliesin asks; “Would you like a drink?”

Matt shakes his head; “No, I’m good.”

The awkwardness fades over conversation, defaulting to work and old memories and jokes. Taliesin understands, he thinks, why Matt needs it to be a proper date. The line needs to be re-drawn, he can’t simply fade it in like Marisha does. Matt checks the time every few bites, Marisha will be home late but he’s afraid of losing track of time as they frequently have over the years.

“We can go,” Taliesin offers, folding his flatware across his plate followed by his napkin; “if you’re in a rush.”

He shakes his head again. “She won’t be home until after nine… I don’t know why I keep feeling like we’re running out of time.”

“You’re nervous.” Taliesin reaches out for him, clasping a hand over the fingers that slide across the face of his phone, covering Matt’s hand before squeezing it tight. “We don’t have to do this, not if you’re not ready. Not ever if you don’t want to. I promise I won’t be offended.”

Matt’s face slackens, blank for a second as Taliesin’s fingers caress the leather bands on his wrist, and then slowly a smile rises. He turns his hand and laces their fingers together, a blush rising on his cheeks. “I want to.”

“But…” Taliesin starts.

“But,” Matt sighs; “I am so far out of my depth right now.” He laughs, though, his smile warming when Taliesin squeezes their palms together.

“Well, we can go back to yours and just… I don’t know, watch a movie or something and see what happens. It doesn’t have to be a big deal or a date or anything. Just, should you feel like doing something… do it.”

There’s a silent agreement, and after protest from Matthew they split the check - Matt drives, Taliesin had taken a taxi unsure of just how many drinks it would involve getting through a date with his awkward best friend, and the radio soothes their transition back to normal.

Taliesin invites himself to the sofa once they’re securely inside, shoes left by the door and his striped socks planted on the edge of the coffee table in front of him as he watches Matt shuck off the button-down and let Dagon out to explore the house.

Netflix and chill, heavy on the Netflix. Still, by the time Taliesin’s figured out who the killer is, Matt has shifted close. He reaches around him, squeezing Matt’s shoulder before letting his arm linger there.

Matt looks to him with a wicked smirk. “Is that your move? Really?” His voice drops to soft murmur and he leans in with the touch, closing the limited space between them.

“Not a move. I don’t have moves.”

“Oh?” Matt asks, clearly not believing the defensive answer.

Taliesin can see that his eyes have softened, his smile betraying the serious tone of his whisper. It’s a look he’s seen before that sets off all the lights in his brain telegraphing the kiss well before he takes the leap and kisses him gently. It’s tentative, Matthew doesn’t move to accept or deny, only passively taking the lingering bush of lips. “Matt?” Taliesin whispers, looking him in the eyes.

The answer takes shape instantly, Matt’s long fingers gripping him at the front of his shirt and pulling him into a much harder kiss. His lips are awkward, searching, but then satisfied with the hard press of Taliesin’s eager tongue opening them.

He knows he can’t hold back with Matthew, that he won’t push the way Marisha had - he’s skittish and worried and has the weight of not only changing relationships but orientations hanging over him. The arm around Matt’s shoulders shifts and Taliesin leans into him, a firm palm following the back of Matt’s undershirt straight down. “Okay?”

Matt nods slowly, his cheeks already flushed and breath catching in his throat. “Yeah. Okay.”

“I have an idea…” Taliesin offers, and then nuzzles along Matt’s cheek - the sensation of evening scruff delighting his senses. He whispers against Matthew’s ear; “You should take me to bed and tell me a story.”

“A story?” Matt leans away from him, turning to look him in the face. “Like what?”

Taliesin shifts his weight, taking Matt with him off the couch and on their feet. He grasps both of his hands, holding fast as they gradually move toward said bed. “We’ll make it up as we go along.”

Matt’s smile spreads. He nods again; “I can do that.”

“Can you?” The mattress hits the back of Taliesin’s knees, but he doesn’t sit. Instead, he pulls Matthew to him and releases his hands. He tugs the shirt up and over Matt’s head, letting slip an encouraging groan when Matt’s follows suit and ups the ante with another fierce kiss.

It’s not until they’re stripped down to their underwear climbing into bed that the tension begins to shift. Belly to belly, eye to eye, Taliesin can see the hesitation writ across Matt’s face. “I’ll start,” he intones, idly stroking his fingers over Matt’s shoulder. “In the not-too-far future, you wake up in this nice, soft bed.” Matt lets out a soft, pleased sound that urges him to continue. “Marisha’s there, wrapped up in your arms… snoring softly. I’m there too, pressed against your back - breathing hot against your ear as I drool on your shoulder.”

Matt shifts, and for a moment Taliesin is sure that he’s getting away. Then, he rolls over, wrapping Taliesin’s arm over his chest before pushing his back against him. He’s feeling it, letting the fantasy be what it can be in reality.

Taliesin continues; “You push back against me, feeling my naked skin on your back - feeling my heartbeat in time with yours, in time with hers.”

He lets out a shaky breath and Taliesin can feel him warming, Matt’s breaths matching his own. Matt says; “It feels… good. Your hips fit against me perfectly.”

“Mmmhmm.” Taliesin illustrates the point, seating his boxers against Matt’s tight cotton shorts - deliberately rubbing his crotch against Matt’s ass, letting him feel the stirring arousal of just being close. “I’m still asleep, but you can feel it, can’t you?”

Matt groans audibly. “I’m still sore from the night before, but just feeling you against me, knowing you’re there makes me want more.”

“You want me?” Taliesin asks, failing to mask the unexpected surprise in his voice. Matt pushes back again and nods into the pillows, dark hair tangling against itself. He’s not sure exactly what he expected, or what really surprises him; that Matt wants to be fucked or that it’s specifically by him. Taliesin’s hand shifts on Matt’s chest, follows down to his belly, and then follows the thick seam along Matt’s cock - groaning into the back of his neck when it responds readily to his touch, pushing into his fingers.

“So much…” Matt gasps, flushing warmer when Taliesin’s lips kiss his back.

“How do I fuck you, Matthew?” He asks between kisses, folding his fingers over the hidden shaft of Matt’s cock, squeezing him gently.

This time he moans, and Taliesin’s not sure he’ll even answer until a shaking, soft voice whispers; “Any way you want.”

Often when Matt says those words he knows it’s because Matt doesn’t have an answer, or doesn’t want to disappoint him. This time, he’s almost certain it’s true. Rewarding Matthew as much as himself, he thumbs down the waistband of his boxer briefs, sweeping his fingers down until Matt whimpers as his balls are caressed to draw him up out of the confinement. “And if I want to take you hard and rough?” His own arousal comes out in his voice, rumbling with a gravelly purr. “If I pin you down on your belly and yank your pretty hair?”

Matt whimpers, and then groans. “Please? God…” His voice cracks when Taliesin’s fingers wrap around the base of his cock, feeling it growing stiff and thick in his palm.

He strokes slowly, base to tip, his thumb caressing the tender head in small circles. “How does it feel, Matthew?”

Their hips shift together, mimicking the action of Taliesin’s gentle strokes. It’s a long moment before Matt answers; “It hurts, but it feels so good… I just... “

“You’re holding back,” Taliesin scolds, his strokes stopping as he gives a hard squeeze around Matt’s hard shaft. “Tell me.” It’s clicking into place easy enough, it’s easier for him to submit… to be given what he wants rather than asking for it directly. “What do you really want?”

The answer is a single exhaled word as Taliesin’s skilled fingers draw beads of wetness across the tip of Matt’s cock. “Everything,” he says.

Taliesin shifts his weight then, rolling Matthew onto his back to look him in the eyes when he kisses him again. It’s harder this time, forceful and determined - and Matt melts into it completely. His arms encircle Taliesin’s broad chest, pulling him closer. Taliesin’s hand finds Matt’s thigh, they push and kick away far too much underwear, finding their stride once more when Taliesin kneels between his thighs and is pulled onto him - chest to chest, eye to eye.

“Do you want this?” asks husky voice that Taliesin knows is his own despite how foreign it sounds in the moment. Matt nods, flailing for his nightstand and knocking over three miniatures and a heavy hardback. It doesn’t register just what this is, just where Matt’s mind is until a small bottle is thrust toward him. “Are you serious?” He asks, the rumbling tone gone in favor of pure surprise again.

“Please?” Matt begs, licking his lower lip as he braces his feet against the mattress. “Pretty please?”

He accepts the lube with a slow shake of his head. “You know, there are numbers between one and twenty.” He mocks, receiving only a low whimper in response. Playing in to his request, feeling it out, Taliesin draws his fingers over the crack of Matt’s ass. He finds the opening easily with a gentle push of his middle finger and strokes the same slow circles he’d show his cock moments before. “And there are many fun things to do that don’t involve hard anal.” Still, he flips open the cap with his free hand, allowing the cool sensation to drip down to his fingertips as he spreads it over Matt’s opening. It’ll be a mess, but better too much than not enough.

The whine this time is laced with obvious anticipation, low and pathetic. “I know…”

“Shh…” Taliesin murmurs, pushing against him again, opening him with a slow push of his thick middle digit. Matt opens to him readily, letting out a long, hollow moan that clips off to a shaky breath when his knuckles brush against yielding, soft flesh. Matt’s cock twitches and his hands grasp at the blanket under them instinctually. “Show me.” He says firmly; “Show me how much you enjoy this.”

Matt’s eyes close tight and he moans, his thighs shake around Taliesin’s middle as he begins to thrust into him, stretching his tight hole with a single finger. Matthew’s slow at first, grasping his cock around the shaft and giving a weak tug before tightening to deliberate strokes that match Taliesin's slow pace.

“Good…” Taliesin murmurs, sweeping up the slickness with his index finger before withdrawing - teasing him with the width of both barely pushing him open.

“More…” Matt gasps, lifting his hips off the Mattress only to cry out and stroke faster when given them both in a hard slam of Taliesin’s meaty hand against his skin. “Oh fuck… don’t stop… don’t stop, please…”

It’s impressive, actually, the way Matt’s body answers him; shaking and flushed to his toes. Inspired, his own far less coordinated hand mirrors the fast tugs of Matt’s hand on his cock - allowing himself to feel the build of pressure as he increases the pace of the fingers moving faster with each hard thrust.

“Oh god… Tal… please…” Matt’s words come in ragged gasps, his thighs shaking as he rides the edge of orgasm. “Want you.”

“You have me, darling,” he murmurs in response, turning his head to brush a kiss on Matt’s knee. “I think I’ll save it for next time. I want Marisha to see you all wound up and begging for it.” Giving up on his own arousal, Taliesin braces himself against Matt’s belly and leans into him, finding Matt’s sac with his mouth as he continues to thrust into him, stretching him even as his tightness clenches down around two fingers’ girth.

Matt sobs, his voice catching worth far more than any words Taliesin thinks he could muster as his lips and tongue tease over the tender skin, rewarding the hot pulse of Matt’s orgasm as it’s stroked out onto his belly.

“Mmm, fun…” Taliesin grins, against the base of Matt’s cock - waiting until he’s withdrawn to lap up over Matt’s stilled fingers. Matt whimpers again when his lips close of the crown of his cock, nursing there, tasting him, enjoying him fully.

“Oh god....” Matt sighs loudly, reaching to rake his fingers through Taliesin’s hair. “That… that was… not what I expected.”

“Still good?” It’s halfway between a question and a statement, but only because part of him feels like Matt might be disappointed to get no further than a little finger play.

Their eyes catch again and Taliesin forces himself up on his knees to grab for tissue, then flops down on his back beside his lover… his friend… his Matthew. “Yeah.” Matt answers, a dopey grin plastered across his lips. “Still good.”

“Well then,” Taliesin chuckles under his breath. “I suppose my work here is done.”

It’s Matt, surprisingly, that pushes further. “Not quite.” He curls onto his side , his palm grazing over Taliesin’s belly before brushing against his hardness, pushing against the curve to illustrate his unspoken point.

“Yes… that’s fine. I can take care of that.” Taliesin blushes, turning his head on the pillow to kiss the bridge of Matt’s nose. “Don’t worry your pretty head about it.”

“Taliesin.” He states firmly, catching his eyes with a piercing gaze. “Don’t assume I don’t want to.”

It’s just like Matt to call him on his shit, of course, but it’s not exactly the first time he’s been with someone new to the concept of having extra dick in their life. “I’m not assuming, I’m giving you an out.”

“I don’t want an out.” He answers, pushing up before Taliesin can catch him - dropping down to his knees at the side of the bed without provocation. “Come here. I want to.”

“Matt…” He sighs, still following Matt’s lead as he pushes up and slides to the edge of the mattress - letting his knees dangle over the edge. “I’m serious. If you’re not ready…”

Matt’s palm strikes hard at his thigh, a shocking heat of skin on skin that snaps Taliesin easily to attention. “Trust me.” He says; “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this moment.” He scoots closer, his long thick fingers wrapping around the proudness of Taliesin’s cock and squeezing hard. “Considering where your fingers were a second ago, do you really think I don’t want to?”

“No, I just-”

“Stop.” Matt sighs, leaning in. He kisses Taliesin’s thigh, letting his lips linger on the pale skin, his tongue tracing over a stretch line that makes Taliesin’s belly flip. “I can do this.”

He sets aside the sullied tissue he’d been wiping his fingers with, and after a moment to collect the awkward combination of assuming wrongly and the way Matt’s proximity makes him throb, he reaches out and strokes Matt’s silky hair. His resolve softens and he nods. “Okay. Just… watch the teeth.”

Matt rolls his eyes affectionately. “Yeah. Got it.” He lets out an awkward laugh and shakes his head before lowering himself down to his heels and scooting in closer. “Well… hey there big guy.” He huffs, dropping his voice to a youthful tenor; “I think we’re gonna learn to be good friends…” Taliesin snorts, covering his mouth with his palm in a vain attempt to hold back commentary, but loses his composure completely when Matt continues with a soft; “Now, just relax while I take my time and explore a little bit.”

“Jesus, Matthew. You’re talking to my dick. Really? In that little tiny... “

“Hey, don’t judge my method.” Matt shoots back, offering him a grin that’s a far cry from the man he had to practically coax into kissing him. “I’ve just never been up close like this.”

It’s adorable, in Matt’s special way. Taliesin watches quietly as Matt nuzzles along his thigh, his lips eventually meeting with the base of his cock and kissing there before tasting it with a lazy lick. “You’re going to kill me,” Taliesin sighs, ruffling his hair before pulling it back and away from Matt’s face. “Try starting at the top, work your way down.”

Matt’s head drops and his body shakes with a full, loud laugh. He rests his forehead on Taliesin’s thigh for a long moment before looking back up to him, cheeks flushed red and grinning. “Are you really telling me how to do this?”

“Well… I mean, I have actually sucked cock before.” He protests and Matt waves him off - leaning in once more. His fingers hesitate, drawing back the skin before he laps over the exposed tip. “Ah… yes… there. Good.”

One hand raises up and Matt gives him the finger, Taliesin can imagine him rolling his eyes even as he rolls his tongue over the head of his cock, drawing it between his lips and nursing gingerly. It’s a little sloppy and awkward, but in a good way. Matt’s lips slide down lower, his tongue drawing lines across Taliesin’s skin. When he lifts his head again, drawing a deep breath, Taliesin caresses his cheek and murmurs; “I mean it, that feels amazing.”

“The real thing is tougher than… certain other things.”

Taliesin’s eyebrow quirks and he grins wider, getting a full picture of Matt’s mouth stuffed with a nice thick phallus. It’s almost as good as the very real sensation of him once more taking in the thick length and drawing at it experimentally.

It’s slower than Marisha’s eager need, Matthew’s cheeks scrape pleasantly against his thighs and his tongue teases with inexperience. Taliesin sweeps his fingers once more through Matt’s hair, and then twists his fist, pulling it tight. A moan rattles in Matt’s throat, low and loud, and the sensation draws at him - his hips pushing hard and shoving his cock deep enough that his lover’s throat closes and lurches, choking on his length.

“Breathe through your nose. Swallow.” Taliesin says softly and Matt obeys, drawing out a moan of his own. “Open your throat,” there’s more to the thought, but Taliesin can’t find the words as he pushes up on his feet, fist still knotted against the back of Matt’s head. He yanks hard and pushes forward in a fluid motion.

Matt grunts, drawing a deep breath through his nose as he tries to accommodate the new thickness pushing against the back of his tongue. Taliesin thrusts again, just as hard and quick - and then again.

It’s much more Taliesin’s speed, and taking control of Matt is shockingly simple. He pulls harder at the fistful of soft strands and Matt gurgles low in his throat, lurching with each hard thrust, but taking them all the same. “Good, ‘s good…” he gasps, his knees threatening to buckle until Matt’s arms wrap around his thighs, ushering him to stay close.

The urge washes over him in waves, and then all at once his hips twitch and he forces Matt’s face down against his balls - rooting as deep down his tongue as he can. “Oh god, oh fuck… back… back…” He yanks hard then, tugging Matthew back with a loud sound of protest. Matt’s hands grip tight at his hips, his cheeks ardently rubbing at Taliesin’s thighs until the tip of his cock is once more nestled between bruised lips - suckling hungrily.

He stifles a cry down to a bare whimper, his brain unable to process everything at once. It’s not even real to him until Taliesin falls back to the mattress and Matthew crawls between his thighs, hugging him around the waist and kissing across his thighs and up to his belly. “That was… different…”

Matt coughs, and then laughs as he rubs his face into Taliesin’s skin. “I did okay?”

“You did… great.” He finds himself mirroring the laugh, tugging at him until they’re wrapped around each other halfway off the bed and laughing between fond kisses. “You’re crazy, you know that?”

“What? Mmm, no… you.”

Taliesin leans back just enough to see the softness of Matt’s eyes, his ruddy face and swollen lips. “I… I think I understand you more now than ever.”

Matt buries his face in the crook of Taliesin’s neck and they both come down slow and easy. In a hoarse whisper, Matt says; “I love you.”

“I know you do,” Taliesin answers automatically. In a way, he’s known for a long time - it just never occurred to him that it’d come out this way. “Come on, we should call Marisha.”


They come together naturally, a merging of schedules and exhaustion coming to head on a Friday afternoon. Taliesin doesn’t go home after their Thursday session, Marisha asks him to ride with them - to stay the night and have a drink. He lays down on the couch and Matt insists bed, please bed.

He doesn’t wake until the early afternoon sun cuts across the skewed blankets. Matthew squirms back against his chest, his little spoon - his middle spoon with Marisha curled up on the opposite side. “He’s up,” Matt whispers, “he’s waking up.”

Marisha makes a small, soft groan - initially interpreted as waking up herself until Taliesin feels the rapid shift of Matt’s elbow against his chest. “Don’t stop… I’m-I’m-”

“Someone’s eager,” Taliesin murmurs, smelling the scent of her arousal mingling with soap and strawberry shampoo from the back of Matt’s head. He’s stripped down to only his shorts and the blankets are warm, Matt’s back is warm and comfortable on his chest. It’s almost a crime to not join them.

“Someone told her about what you said the other day.” Matt answers and it takes Taliesin’s sleepy brain a moment to put together the thought.

“What? That I’m going to fuck you?”

Marisha cries out, a sharp gasping sound that tapers off to a small; “Okay, okay… no more… fuck…”

He can’t help but chuckle as he nuzzles into the back of Matt’s neck. Taliesin wraps his arm over Matt’s belly and is greeted with slick fingers drawing his arm even further, across Matt entirely until he can feel the familiar smoothness of Marisha’s arousal under his fingertips, hot and slippery. “Mmm, no fair starting without me.”

Matt turns toward him, meeting his lips with a gentle morning breath kiss that deepens with lazy ease, the stroke of Matt’s tongue barely a distraction from strong fingers caressing his cock through his shorts. When Matt breaks away, his brow raises and he murmurs; “Forgive me?”

“You make a very convincing argument.” Taliesin forces himself to hold back a waking yawn, covering it with a deep breath when Matt’s fingers wrap around him through the fabric - teasing him with a gentle touch.

“I can do convincing…” Matt answers, grinning wickedly as his other hand worms up from under the pillows and sticky fingers press against Taliesin’s mouth. He can taste her, the sweetness of her desire, only encouraging the promise of the situation.

“Wake him up a little more,” Marisha suggests, barely audible to Taliesin. There’s more, but he can’t make it out beyond Matt’s giggle when Marisha pushes up on her elbow and whispers against his ear.

Matt turns and she kisses him, but he doesn’t stop. He sits up and then crawls lower, legs splayed and tangled in the sheets until he’s face down against Taliesin’s shorts, nuzzling at his bulge. “Wakey, wakey…”

“Oh god, he’s talking to my penis again. Make him stop that.”

“I think it’s cute.” She answers, shifting to fill the warm spot Matthew left behind. When she kisses Taliesin it’s gentle, and the sensation of her lips lingers long after she relaxes back against the pillows. “Pretty sure he’ll be too busy to chat much, anyway.”

Confirming the statement, Matt’s fingers draw down Taliesin’s shorts and as the waistband clears the coarse nest of short curls his cock is enveloped in the warm heat of his mouth - drawing and lapping at the partially hard length with eager intent. “Oh god…” Taliesin sighs, closing his eyes against the sensation. “I’ve fallen in with an incubus haven’t I?”

Matt slurps loudly, lifting his head to mutter; “Succubus.”

“You’re distracting him.” Marisha chuckles, and then arches her body to reach down and push Matthew head back into place. His body stiffens and a throaty moan rumbles down Taliesin’s cock to his core. “Maybe let him find his pace this time before you decide to skullfuck him?”

The blush that heats Taliesin’s cheeks is unexpected and he stifles a laugh against Marisha’s shoulder before drawing her into him. “He did rather enjoy that…” He defends, “when I yanked his hair and forced myself deep.”

Marisha groans, her eyes closing a brief moment before she returns her attention back to Matt. His hair, surprisingly smooth and spilling across Taliesin’s thighs as he lavishes affection on Taliesin’s cock. “This is…” she draws a deep breath and lets it out with a pleasured sigh; “pretty hot, yeah?”

“You’re talking to the one currently getting morning head, darling.” Taliesin moans, biting back an even deeper response when Matt swallows hard several times in succession. “‘S good.”

It’s not exactly unexpected when Marisha pounces on him, and pushes Taliesin’s shoulders down against the mattress. “I want to see it.” She murmurs, looking him in the eyes as she straddles her hips across his wide chest; “When you do it, I want to watch.” She blushes, her head dropping lower; “He even showered for you.”

“Of course.” He lets out a shuddering breath, rocking his hips enough that he feels Matt’s hand hold him back down. “Anything.”

“Was hoping you’d say that.” She grins wider and shifts again, once more covering him with her wet mound. He’s thankful for the distraction, for the sensation of her once more all around him. He laps eagerly at the evidence of Matt’s clever fingers making her come, drawing at her folds with his mouth.

Marisha’s nails rake over his chest, urging him on only to stop suddenly. She’s red-faced and panting when she pulls away from him. “Now, Taliesin. Right now.”

“Like… now?” He stammers, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Taliesin props himself up as Matt too pulls away, his welcoming mouth replaced with strong fingers, stroking idly. “Okay… how do we want to do this?”

Matt grins, but stifles his laugh against his elbow as he shakes his head. “Dealer’s choice?”

Taliesin looks to Marisha as she kneels on the side of the bed, already handing over the bottle of lubricant “Pretty sure this one should be viewer’s choice.” He rolls onto his knees to join her, offering a curious eyebrow raise. He’s rather interested himself to hear her part of this fantasy - what does she want to see?”

After a long moment, her eyes darting between the two men as they wait for her answer, Marisha says; “On all fours. Deep.”

It doesn’t take more than the suggestion for Matt to find the center of the bed and crouch with his elbows bent against the bed, head turned to her. “Face down?”

“Ass up.” Taliesin quips, shifting to him from behind. There’s enough room to make it work if his knees cooperate - and given the eager way Matthew responded to his fingers it’s likely it won’t take long at all. He hooks one hand at Matt’s hip, raising him up to a better angle before turning them both just enough that he knows Marisha will see everything. “I’m going to start with fingers again.”

Matt whines, but nods against the mattress, looking toward Marisha with an expression Taliesin reads as anticipation and desire. It’s more orchestrated this time; he’s putting on a show as he warms the lube in the palm of his hand before stroking it over Matt’s opening - he penetrates slowly, stretching him with both fingers, hooking them to let her see Matthew shudder when he caresses that tiny bundle of nerves deep inside their lover.

“Did he tell you that these fingers made him come?” Taliesin asks, glancing to see Marisha had moved in close enough to reach - sitting with both legs splayed open as her graceful fingers play over her clit, already rubbing gently. She nods and he scissors his fingers open, eliciting a moan from Matt’s chest as he stretches him wider. “He begged me to have him right then.”

“I waited…” Matt gasps, cheeks ruddy as sweat begins to bead along his brow. His eyes dart between them and Taliesin can’t help but wonder if he’s humiliated to be spread out like this, not even exploring - he’s being used. He wonders if that’s what Matt’s responding to most.

“After the whining, yes.” Taliesin’s smile widens. He can hear Marisha’s breathing growing ragged, the wet slide of her fingers taking care of her own desire. “He’s so tight, I can’t imagine he’s been properly fucked… even with toys.”

Matt whimpers, but Marisha moans low and loud. She answers in a shaky tone; “I didn’t want to hurt him.”

“Feels good…” Matt stammers, and then buries his face in the blanket, letting out a cowed groan when Taliesin adds his ring finger, barely making it past the first knuckle with the width. “Oh god…”

“You’d be surprised,” Taliesin chuckles, forcing down the fact that he’s ready - whether Matthew is or not. He pushes harder, bracing his free hand on Matt’s tailbone as they slowly stretch him even wider. “Enough practice…” he grunts, cutting off the audible sound of pleasure that escapes his throat when his second knuckle passes the tight opening; “enough lube…”

“Please…” Matthew pants, words lost in favor of a feral cry.

“Please,” Marisha echoes pleadingly, “do it.”

Taliesin turns his head to focus on her for a moment, her pale skin gone pink and her wetness staining the bedsheets underneath her. “You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you? Watching him beg like this…”

“And watching you.” She nods, the fingers on her clit twitching and then sliding down to push inside her. “I want you to… to fill him.”

It’s enough - the conviction in her voice and the way Matt writhes back against his fingers, forcing them deeper as he begs for more. He withdraws, wiping his fingers on Matt’s thigh before adding more lube to his palm. His cock aches as he strokes himself, preparing for the awkwardness that comes after intense sexual expression. “Slowly,” he cautions, more for himself than Matt; “This will hurt a little.”

“Ple-” Matt’s voice dissolves into a growl and then huff a breath as Taliesin leans over him, nudging the head of his cock into place.

Taliesin draws a deep breath, holding it as his hips shift toward the inviting roundness of Matthew’s ass. He can feel every heartbeat, each pulse of their arousal mingling as Matt stretches to take it all in. Nearly halfway, Matt whimpers and calls out - but it’s for more, not to stop.

When they join fully, his cock rooted deep, balls smacking Matt’s skin, Marisha cries out. Taliesin lets out his held breath as moan; “Oh gods… yes…”

Matt shudders underneath him, and claws out at the blanket and begs; “Fuck… god please… please… don’t stop.”

Taliesin’s hips jerk back seemingly on their own and he pushes forward faster than before, filling him in one hard thrust and then another. Matthew’s tight around his cock, but yielding - grinding back into each meeting of their bodies with a needy mewling cry.

When he’s aware of Marisha again, she’s crawling on the bed beside Matt, stroking the hair back out of his face and offering him slender fingers coated in the proof of her encouragement. Matt moans around those fingers, lowering his shoulders down to touch the bed and Taliesin can’t help but follow him - pressing him down with his body weight as his thrusts grow more erratic.

When Marisha reaches under them and Matt sobs, Taliesin knows that she’s pushing him even further, stringing him out on sensory overload and stroking his cock as he’s taken. “He’s dripping,” she says, licking her lips - gaze stuck on the the lewd sight of Taliesin’s cock pounding him hard and fast. “Come for me, baby… please… come while he’s fucking you.”

Matt grunts then, low and loud - animalistic. His body tightens even more around Taliesin’s cock until it’s all he can do to rut against him. He wants to hold out, he wants to make this perfect, but it’s too late to stop when his cock twitches and he gives one final weak thrust that folds him over Matthew’s back.

Matt cries out, the sound shockingly loud in the room even as it tapers off into a string of foul language and gaspsing breaths. “Oh my god… oh my fuck… holy shit… fuck… fuck… fuck…”

“Yes…” Marisha draws a breath between clenched teeth, the slick sound of Matt’s come stroked down his shaft a mirror of the sensation washing over Taliesin as he shifts his seed inside him - rocking his hips slow and steady until he can feel the sticky mess on his inner thighs.

It’s a breath of a moment before Matt’s shoulders are lifting him, rolling him off and then following him down until they’re both spilled, backs against the warm sheets and gasping. “I need to get in better shape…” Taliesin chuckles, flushed and sweating. He can feel small hands on his belly, and opens his eyes to see Marisha leaned over them - kissing Matt before offering him the same.

“That… that was a workout…” Matt pants in agreement. “I’m gonna be… really sore.”

“I’m sorry… I warned you…”

“No!” Matt manages a weak protest, his hand searching out toward Taliesin and caressing his chest before finding his belly. “That was good. That was… nice.”

“Nice?” Marisha laughs, breaking away Matt’s hand to nestle in the tiny wedge of space between them. “I came like five times.”

Taliesin laughs, but really he’s flattered. Flattered and more or less blissed out. He can feel Matt’s foot stroking his calf and Marisha’s fingers across his forehead as he closes his eyes to find his center again. “How are we? Good?”

“Good.” Matt responds in a shaking breath.

“I think… we have a boyfriend.” Marisha laughs against Taliesin’s cheek; “My boyfriend’s boyfriend.”

“Who is also your boyfriend.” Matt adds.

“Perhaps maybe just a continued friendship.” Taliesin musters, opening eyes to see unexpected sadness cross Marisha’s face. “You know, extended continued friendship with benefits.”

“That means this is… good?” Marisha asks, eyebrows coming together.

Taliesin nods and reaches to her, pulling her down to kiss away that confusion. “It’s lovely. And I’d like for it to continue to be.”


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